TMR Robot

The round base of TMR Robot’s mixing container facilitates feed mixing and takes only under 3 kW of energy.

Mixture is made with two crosswise mixing moves. Feed on the bottom is lifted to the front part of the shuttle with a scraper conveyor, and then poured onto the bidirectional horizontally rotating screw in the middle of the container.

Due to its construction, Pellon TMR clears completely so the equipment enables to mix also very small feed batches.

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Technical data

Features Pellon TMR Robot
Controls Pellon G-Pro2
Capacity 2 m³
Length 3020 mm
Width 1330 mm
Feed distribution width 1100, 1300 or 1500 mm
Height 2400 mm
Installation height min. 2700 mm
Power consumption 2,2 kW + 0,75 kW 3-phase
Straw length in feed max. 100 mm  

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