Manure Master – Intelligent manure removing system

Pellon Manure Master is a revolutionary smart manure removal system for freestall barns. The system consists of cast immersed urine separator element, wire traction equipment working on friction feed principle, double scrape wing and a computer driving the whole system. Each manure passage is a separate unit so separate cycles, obstacle sensitivity and driving modes can be programmed for them. Wire traction machinery without wire reeling drums adds remarkably to the shelf life of the wire and enables manure passages that are independent from each other. Level sensor added to the traction machinery enables unprecedented obstacle recognition sensitivity. The same sensor also enables the user to see wire tension and so prevent wire extortion.


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  • Durable, simple and maintenance-friendly construction
  • Remarkably smaller energy consumption compared to older systems
  • Efficient urine separation keeps passages dry and solid and reduces ammonia emission
  • Superior sensitive operation, animal group specific obstacle recognition
  • Fold-drive functions, which makes the system stress free also for more sensitive animals
  • Integration with other barn automation like feeding systems
  • Cleaning result is based on the best materials and careful design, not to heavy energy consumptive weight.
  • Universal scrape wing construction, the same wing can be used regardless of the surface material, tilt and cross-shaft location of the manure passage
  • Guiding user interface prevents execution of wrong functions and enables to prevent maintenance
  • Wire guiding wheel is immersed into the floor and there are no sharp parts above the floor
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Product details:

  • Low scraper wings makes it easy for cows to pass the scraper
  • Double wing construction gives the best cleaning result
  • Cross channel location can be on one or both ends or in middle of the alley
  • The 250W single unit can clean 120 m long and 4 m wide alleys.

Operation modes

Sensitivity areas
All scraper alleys can have separate sensitivity settings to operate on selected areas in the most efficient way. The scraper cleans in a reliable way and works gently on areas close by milking robots, cow brushes and drinking bowls.

Operation times can be set directly on the touch screen or operation can be set to continuous mode.

Cleaning areas
Scrapers cleaning calving or separation boxes can be programmed according to schedule or can be activated by remote control.  This ensures safety and sressless condiotions for special  animal groups.

Integration to feeding
Manure Master is integratable to automatic feeding systems or mixer wagons. Operation can be paused onselected times on alleys near by the feeding table.

Manure Master Rfit

Manure Master Rfit is designed for replacement of existing manure removal equipment. It doesn’t require urin drain pipe.

  • For replacement of hydraulic scraper with guidance balk
  • Existing profile is filled with wooden board for cow feet safety
  • Rfit scraper wing is the same as in the standard Manure Master system
  • Center piece with lower guide piece than standard version

Benefits when replacing old scrapers

  • Friendly and stressless for animals
  • Hygienic for milking robots
  • Nonslippery clean alleys
  • Reduction of emissions with fast urine draining
  • Energy efficient
  • Integratable to other automation
  • Simple and superb reliable design
  • Animal group based management

Manure Master Twin

Manure Master Twin is designed for buildings with a passage length of more than 80 m. The maximum passage length is 150 m.

The Twin model has two traction machines per passage, one at each end. This double machinery arrangement provides double the driving force of the basic model because of both the power of the motors and increased friction.

The control system and patented obstacle recognition system function in exactly the same way as they do in the original Manure Master.

The Twin version is available as a urine-drain-equipped model for new buildings and the Rift model for buildings being renovated.

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