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Hydraulic scrape Push Master 8000

The first Pellon hydraulic manure removal system was introduced in the 60’s. The renewed Push Master multi press is equipped with a closed piston that enables to move slurry from manure channels into the slurry pit. The closed piston principle prevents slurry from flowing back into the barn. The closed piston press system can also include an adaptor piece for mounting a round pipe on to the rectangular discharge tube. The adaptor can include bends in different directions so the slurry pit does not necessarily have to be right at the end of the manure channels.

A scraper system with two or more wing balks can be used for short manure channels under slats. The scraper balks are welded together and the scraper wings on the balks bring the manure from the end of the channel to the collector channel. The last wing of the balk is a v-shaped end wing that picks up the manure right from the end of the channel.

Push Master 4000

The Push Master single manure press features a press pipe as a straight extension to the manure channel. Manure is pressed to the storage right from the end of the manure channel and there is absolutely no need for a separate cross channel. Push Master single can be installed into cattle and pig barns as well as horse stables.

Pellon Autohydro pump unit

All Pellon Manure presses are equipped with an Pellon Autohydro valve that compensates for the pressure loss. The turning pressure can be adjusted with a manual valve from 0-180 bar. The noise level of the pump unit is low even in reverse mode. Standard unit is equipped with oil level and temperature sensor. This ensures that the unit stops if oil level drops below minimum or temperature rises too high.

Cylinders and hydraulic pipes

Pellon Group relies on own manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders for the manure presses. Robot welding guarantees the uniform quality of the products. The cylinder arms are coated with KROMAKS treatment, that even outperforms double chroming.

Control unit

The manure press can be set to start automatically by a control cabinet equipped with a timer. In case you are using a Manure Master system with a Push Mater Multi as an extension, the Push Master can be operated with Manure Master control system and there is no need for a separate control centre.

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