Pellon furnishing solutions also offer a variety of gates for identifying and guiding animals. 

Gate function can be mechanical, pneumatically controlled or based on the guidance of a management system.

Liftgates for guiding animals

Lift Gate HD for guiding animals

  • A sturdy, quiet and easy-to-use lifting gate for guiding groups of animals.
  • Large wheels installed in the grooves ensure quiet and light operation.
  • Thanks to the telescopic barrier design, the gate is always the appropriate size and optimally weighted.
  • The telescopic barrier has three different positions, allowing the gate to fit a gap of 2.8 to 6 meters.
  • In addition to ease of use, assembling the gate is easy due to the pre-assembled elements.
  • The posts can be opened, which makes assembly easier while allowing for a fully enclosed structure that prevents animals from dirtying the mechanism.
  • Large floor-mounting plates ensure suitability for any location.
  • Opening the locking mechanism is difficult for animals and easy for humans.
  • When the gate is lowered, it locks automatically, making it possible to close the gate quickly and minimize the risk of animals escaping.
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eLift Gate HD, electrically operated remote-control lifting gate

  • A sturdy, quiet and easy-to-use electrically operated lifting gate with remote control (range approx. 200 m).
  • Telescopic boom height: 800 mm; height from floor: 700 mm
  • Remote control allows for groups of animals to be easily guided to, for example, the milking parlour.
  • The design includes an ingenious electrical mechanism that makes using the gate safe, quick and easy, requiring only a press of a button.
  • Power is transferred via friction drive wheels and counterweights that allow the system to use extremely small motors and to be operated safely without the use of limit switches.
  • The gate can be raised to different heights, allowing the operator to easily manage the number of animals passing under it.
  • An automatic mechanical lock locks the gate in its lowered position without the need for separate electrical components (less technology – greater functionality).
  • Large wheels in the grooves of the posts ensure quiet and light movement.
  • The gate itself is telescopic, allowing it to be adapted to different widths up to 6 metres.
  • In addition to ease of use, the gate is also easy to install thanks to pre-assembled elements.
  • The posts can be opened, which contributes to ease of installation and allows for a completely enclosed design that keeps animals out.
  • Large floor-mounting plates ensure that the gate can be installed on any type of surface.

Arch gate

Designed to be installed at the end of vertical bar fences, the arch gate makes it easier to move animals and eases keepers’ movement from one pen to another. The arch gate can also be equipped with a one-way mechanism, allowing it to be used for purposes such as directing the movement of animals in the milking area.

The arch gate also improves safety, as the sequence gate installed in it is light to move and the long gate does not need to be opened entirely.

No-return gates

Pellon no-return gates are used to guide animals along the exit passage from a milking parlour or -robot.

There are two types of no-return gates – saloon gate and the individual gate.

The saloon model is used to prevent animals from moving in the wrong direction. With the individual model, an animal can be guided for example from an intersection point into the correct direction.

The hinges of the gates are implemented such that the returning movement occurs by gravity without the use of springs. The hinges have plastic bushings and the frame part has rubber dampers, due to which the operation of the gates is noiseless.

Pellon no-return gates have a stepless adjustment for length, using which the gate can be adjusted to the correct width regardless of the width of the passage.
The gates can be attached to posts or to a wall as needed.

Separation gate

  • The separation gate functions under the control of the milking robot
  • A separation gate used in a milking parlour is guided by separate sensors (stand alone) or under the control of the management system
  • The gates are pneumatically operated
  • The mechanical parts can be custom made according to a customer-specific design

Control gates

  • Pellon lift- and barrier gates are used as control gates in confined spaces, which do not allow the use of turnable gates.
  • The gates are exceptionally suitable for example to temporarily fence cows into the waiting area when they are being taught to use a milking robot.
  • Installation requires a minimum 3m of free space in a vertical direction from the surface of the floor.
  • Gate width is according to installation needs. Pipes of the frame attach by flanges, suitable for placement above a grid.

Telescope Gate

  • Pellon Telescope Gates are used to manage animal traffic.
  • Gates are available in different lengths.
  • The additional adjustability makes it possible to use the gate in places that have passages of different widths.
  • The gates are equipped with nylon hinges and spring-loaded locks.

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