Automatic feeding system:

Saves time and money. Fosters the well-being of your animal

Benefits of automated feeding

  • Free up your time for other important tasks: 30 minutes saved per day is 20 workdays per year
  • Easily providing each group of animals with feeding as needed –>feed costs go down, production and health go up
  • Mixture always contains the desired proportions of components
  • More frequent distribution –>calm feeding –>healthier and more resilient animals
  • More frequent distribution –>calm feeding more feed eaten –>better daily gain*
  • More frequent distribution –>calm feeding –>more resting time –> better production**
  • More frequent distribution stabilises ruminal pH changes***
  • Feeding gets the animals moving, for example to the robot at night. Feeding guides animals away from the milking station or robot


  • More frequent feeding decreases sorting and warming of feed mixture on feeding alley –>every mouthful is the same
  • No vehicle traffic in production spaces –>better indoor air quality and cleaner feed table
  • Free up your tractor for the fields or sell it away!
  • No need to open big doors –>yard work includes less hauling and dampness in winter –>nicer work environment
  • Saves fuel costs. The cost of electricity is typically as much as 50% less than the cost of fuel.
  • You can take care of bedding with the same equipment

* Colorado State University, USA Schultz et. al.
** Journal of Dairy Science Vol 96 No 1 Denning
et. al.
*** Krause et al 2002

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