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Treatment furnishings

Pellon Group’s catalogue contains versatile furnishings for livestock treatment pens. For example, our treatment stalls are excellent for sorting pens and treatment pens where animals need to be kept safely in place. Our cattle crushes, on the other hand, are a fantastic choice for temporary pens thanks to their portability.

Treatment stall

  • Front gate with safety locking
  • Side fences that can be rotated up or to the side
  • Adjustable side fence height
  • End width of dividers adjustable with chains
  • Embryo transfer rack available as an accessory
  • Can be installed in existing facilities

Pellon cattle crushes are designed to be integrated into barn passages

  • The animal can be locked into the crush with its head secure.
  • The animal’s movement can also be restricted with a pipe adjustable from the rear.
  • The sides have doors through which parts of the animal, such as the udders, may be examined.

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