The Pellon FEEDLINE e-Pro automatic cattle feeding system improves your farm’s productivity and the well-being of your animals.

A proud part of the Finnish food supply chain and representative of Finnish export technology.

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The most accurate feeding control system on the market

Pellon G-Pro2 runs independently without computer applications or internet connections. Feeding information and settings will not be lost in case of power breaks.

System setup or function does not need computers; all settings can be entered right from the display unit


Pellon Feedline provided renewed faith in automatic feeding solutions

Pellon Feedline provided renewed faith in automatic feeding solutions

Dairy producer Jorma Rahikkala decided to change his feeding process based on experiences with his first belt feeding system. When a belt-based automatic feeding system proved to be an effective feeding solution for the free stall barn he expanded last year, his faith in automatic...

“Eventually, I reassured myself that Feedline was a reliable system that I could settle on confidently.”

Jorma Rahikkala - Rahikkala farm


Pellon Group – effectivity to farms

Pellon Group produces and offers wide range of solutions for milk, beef and pork production.  Our aim has all ways been to offer solutions which increase productivity, save costs and increase animal welfare at animal farms. Those requirements are defining direction of our product development now and in the future. Today we are pioneers in dairy and beef automated feeding systems, manure removal and treatment solutions.

Pellon Group history goes back to 1966, when three Takala brothers established this company to serve the evolving animal husbandry. Today we are family owned company, our factory and headquarters are at Kauhava, Finland and subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany and Poland.

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