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Calculate the payback time on your feeding investment

Different implementation options for feeding on cattle farm

Comparison of investment options using a payback period without the effect of interest rates

Fill in the yellow cells

Labour cost including salary-related expenses (person)
Price of electricity
Price of fuel oil
Value of compound feed
€/kg dry matter
Consumption of compound feed
kg dry matter/day
Annual output of the farm
l or kg
Price of milk or meat
€/l or €/kg

Automatic feeding
Alternative Investment
Equipment investment
Assistance (AB 40/50 C 35/45)
Capital employed in equipment investments

Labour time spent on feeding per day
Electricity spent on feeding per day
Fuel oil spent on feeding per day
Service and maintenance per year
Effect on annual output %
Effect on the amount of compound feed that is eaten

Labour cost / year
Electricity cost / year
Fuel oil Cost / year
Service Cost / year
Total operating costs / year

Value of effect on output per year

Value of eaten compound feed per year

Payback period of automatic feeding or its additional price

Difference in operating costs per year
Difference in effects on output per year
Difference in value of eaten compound feed per year
Total effect annually

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